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New coaching concept based on flow state

Powered by revolutionary FlowCode concept

FlowHub mobile app support

Flow triggers, programs in different coaching formats

Turnkey solution, global branding & support

Education process

Register and access your FEA profile
After your payment you get access to your
Flow Education Alliance profile where the
whole education process takes place.

Follow the 7 step education process
From introduction, to lessons, all about coaching,
marketing and the FlowHub Pro with
triggers and sessions programs.

Finish with an online exam & verification call
Our representative will go with you through all the
steps, answer all your questions and give you
further inputs about your FlowCoach career.

Online course structure and objectives

   Introduction to Flow by Nirvana®
   Theoretical walk through with FlowCode manual and 43 video lessons:
   Introduction to the flow state, science behind the flow state
   Building a flow personality
   Optimal flow setup (requirements for optimal flow)
   Flow trigger channels
   Coaching method, sessions, programs
   Flow Workshop explained with all supported materials and presentations
   FlowHub explained
   FlowHub triggers and coach's programs
   Business solutions & marketing plan

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Features & Handouts

Flow by Nirvana® Full FlowCode lessons (43 video lessons)

Flow by Nirvana® Official FlowCode manual (PDF)

FlowHub membership with 500+ flow triggers, rituals & programs
1 year access
(then 10.75 €/month paid yearly)
Lifetime access
(no further costs)
Flow Education Alliance (FEA) membership
1 year
Flow by Nirvana® Official FlowCoach manual (PDF)
Flow Workshops handouts & slides (for different end user groups)

FlowCoach complete turnkey marketing & promotion packages

Full Education & Business support on all levels

Flow PLB Breathing technique tutorial

Complete coaching programs (basic, advanced, master)

Flow by Nirvana® Coach network profile (tutorials, etc.)

Flow by Nirvana® Personalized Coach website with ready offers

Flow Coach Certification handouts

FlowCoach by Nirvana® Certificate (e-format)

License to teach FlowCode worldwide

Expert mentoring service

Expert educator live guidance, technique correction,
Q&A and general walk through via Skype video
1 hour session via skype video
2 hour session via skype video

498 €
Complete FlowCoach course
+ 1 year license & membership
798 €
Complete FlowCoach course
+ Lifetime license & membership

And that's not all ...

Flow coaches
& events locator

Online Coach
support group

Global branding & worldwide
promotional activities

Coach discount
in Nirvana® webshop (20%)

Access to
Flow Hub

What can you do as a Flow Coach?

One on one / Group sessions

Use already pre-built flow coaching sessions & programs or create your own and use them in one on one or group sessions within any possible setting..
You are able to use and combine sessions of different lengths (30 to 90 minutes). You are able to train your clients without any fuss through unique FlowCode method, using different flow triggers & programs nicely organized within the supporting FlowHub App.

Perform flow workshops, retreats & team buildings

As an essential part of your coaching, Flow Workshops can be used in many different ways: as an introduction session, as a standalone option for different target groups,
as a part of your retreat ... You can also offer workshops in corporate & other new environments (schools, retreats, conventions ...) or combine with other activities. You receive full workshop manual with projector presentation, client handouts, marketing materials etc.

Round up your existing offer

FlowCode perfectly supplements your existing work with clients by adding unique triggers and programs to any possible client session, whether it is personal training, life coaching, counseling or other possible modalities.

As a member of the Flow Education Alliance and becoming a FlowCoach you gain automatic access to the FlowHub Pro,
your main coaching tool, enabling you to convey to your clients concrete techniques to hack the flow.

In this way we ensure you are able to train your clients with the help of ready made interventions & programs.

Comprehensive FlowCode lessons & tutorials

Learn about the latest cutting edge science behind flow. In your FEA profile you get access to the knowledge & structure of the FlowCode,
a system that includes a vast scientific base designed toward facilitating and sustaining the optimal state of flow.
Over 3 hours of professional video lessons explaining every possible aspect of flow and how to hack into it.

Flow Code video lesson previews

The complete roadmap to flow personality with highly scientific yet simple approach explained in 43 video lessons.


Super rich library of flow triggers

Enjoy over 300 different flow interventions & rituals with progressive basic, advanced & master level options.

> Flow alignment rituals
> Cognitive flow triggers
> Flow trigger intervention sets
> Social flow triggers
> Sensory flow triggers
> Environmental flow alignment

Flow programs

Full session programs for coaches for facilitated work with clients.
The FlowCoach manual provides all the details and explanations to assure seamless implementation.

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